I DID IT. For hello-hiddles, a moderate tempo polka song about llama farming on Saturn. I got to use the accordion setting on my keyboard in an appropriate setting at last! Polkas are fun I never realized how great they are, they’re great. 

Licensed under CC-BY-SA




Who’s nasa’s favorite actor?

Kevin Spacey

Andy Serkis, no pun or anything just a damn good actor


For spottytlion, a ukulele rap about vegetable puns and I did terrible I am so sorry rapping doesn’t come naturally for me but I did my best I sort of beatboxed to the ukulele to compensate and the voice at the end was accidentally layered in reverb so it sounds like my conscious so I ran with that too. 

I think i just died laughing my gosh Matthew you are purrfect

Anonymous: Do you only watch pbs? 


there are other channels?


randomly compliment people because sometimes that will be the only kind words they will hear that day